Plastibell® Circumcision Device 1.1cm
Size: 1.1cm
Code: 9231
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Pack Qty: 25
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A circumcision procedure which requires no special post-operative care or dressing means a significant saving in both time and money. The disposable PlastiBell® circumcision device eliminates the need for the repetitive and costly sterilisation required for stainless steel clamps. 

Important features at a glance:
Clear, plastic construction provides visual access at all times
A clean line of excision which helps to promote rapid healing
No dressings required
Unique shaped handles for easy size identification
Plastibell® is a complete unit – no risk of parts being mislaid 
Fast to use and due to the nature of the incision fast to heal
Sizes available in 1.1cm, 1.2cm, 1.3cm, 1.4cm, 1.5cm & 1.7cm
Sterile, individually packed, in boxes of 25 units.